poems for your crush – one side love

poems for your crush – one side love

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poems for your crush – one side love

poems for your crush – In today’s time, loving someone is not a big deal. But if the person you love does not love you, then it is very sad for you. Because you will think about it every day, which will not be good for you. In today’s world, people express their feelings more on social media. Some people express their feelings through poetry. So for this I have brought poems for you (poems for your crush). do share this post (poems for your crush) with social media (Facebook or Whatsapp) and your friends

1 The day I saw you

My heart got smitten

The day we met

My soul got sweetly bitten

The day I hugged you

My head felt blissfully dizzy

Baby I desperately hope that

You feel the same for me


2 Is it too late to touch you, Dear?
We this moment knew —
Love Marine and Love terrene —
Love celestial too –


3 A crush
when the thought of him takes your breathe away
when you keep imagining the way he says your name
A crush
Commonly mistaken for love
a crush is just an intense feeling of lust
you cant get enough of
A crush
they way your heart speeds up when you see him
your eyes scream kiss me
but he doesn’t get the message
A crush is a seed for something more
hopefully you get the flower
and not the thorn
A crush
 My crush


4 I like your Facebook pictures

I retweet your tweets

I repin your pins on Pinterest

All because I find you so sweet

I share your Instagram photos

I check your Tumblr regularly

I share all your Plus posts

For I’m crushing on you badly


5 OH, unhappy stars! your fate I mourn,

Ye by whom the sea-toss’d sailor’s lighted,
Who with radiant beams the heav’ns adorn,

But by gods and men are unrequited:
For ye love not,–ne’er have learnt to love!
Ceaselessly in endless dance ye move,
In the spacious sky your charms displaying,

What far travels ye have hasten’d through,
Since, within my loved one’s arms delaying,

I’ve forgotten you and midnight too!


6 Dear crush,
I wonder if you’ll ever find out
How I fought
To hide my feelings.
Dear crush,
Your eyes,
Your smile,
Your laugh,
How you bite your lips
And everything you do..
Just makes me go crazy.
Dear crush,
Do you know?
Everytime I hear your name
Butterflies attacked my stomach
Filling them with joy and this warm feeling
At the same time,
Deep down..
I’m scared of my own feelings.
I don’t know why.
Dear crush,
They say a crush only last for 4 months
Then, I don’t know..
If I should even call it a crush anymore.


7 If someone asked me

Why I like you so

I would have to think

For I don’t really know

I can’t put a finger on why

I’m crushing on you madly

All I know is that

I like you like crazy


8 My heart has the delicacy of lace,
and is as intricate as the patterns of my brain.
His hands are rough and soft at the same time,
and his eyes are as unforgettable as the sunset at sea.

And my God, he could crush me.

When I’m with him, he’s the only one I see;
the world is empty in the moments we spend together.
Late at night, I picture him on my side;
holding me, kissing me, loving me like I’m the only girl.

And my God, he could crush me.

To be without him could destroy me.
My porcelain heart could shatter like thin glass.
My mind could be set ablaze and simply
collapse as my body melts and my lungs turn to ash.

Yes, he could crush me.

But, I’ve decorated my love for him in bows and
ribbons, and handed it to him on a diamond platter,
in exchange for his beautiful heart. Cautiously, he
gave it to me, and I realized we felt the same.

My God, he could crush me.
But, I could crush him, too.
The thing is that the
thoughts have never crossed our minds.


9 Every time I look at you

My senses go out of control

My body starts shivering

I freeze up like a pole

Every time I look at you

My palms get sweaty

My mind goes totally blank

Because you are so pretty

Every time I look at you

I start quivering

My lips break into a smile

My heart starts to sing

I like you


10 What I feel right now

I’ve never felt before

What I see in you

I totally adore

What I want right now

Is you by my side

If you say you like me too

It’ll be one of life’s best rides


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