Top 30 Happy Valentines Day Quotes for Her

Top 30 Happy Valentines Day Quotes for Her

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We have curated the best collection of Happy Valentines Day Quotes for her to express your love for her. It is not just expressing the love, but it is also the way to show what you really feel for your girlfriend, fiance, wife, or grandmother. Make this Valentine special and share it to make it special.

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Happy valentines day quotes for her

1. When you entered my life, it was so different. I could not understand what’s happening, It just happened. I’m in love.

2. You are the heart and soul of my life if you leave me. I’ll exit the world.

3. When I’m happy everybody is happy. But when I’m sad, you are the only one weeping for me. Love, you dear.

4. I can’t bear this distance.. because even if you are one inch away from me, I’m feeling like hell.

5. This is love and not lust. This feeling between us is magical, and I can tell it will last forever. I love you.

6. My love for you has begun but has no ending. It’s ever growing up and never descending. I love you.

7. Whenever we are together, everything appears to be peaceful. Whenever we are apart, everything looks insane.

8. This is not right. Losing you is wrong. I’ll not lose you.

9. Why did you enter my life? Why did you become my lover? Why did you leave me?

10. There is no need to talk because you eyes reveal everything. You are in love with me.

11. There is no such greater feeling than being loved in a special way. This is more than mere romantic – this love is killing! I love you.I owe you all in all of me. I need no explanation to nobody! I just love you.

12. No need of for the approval. We are one. That’s it. We’ll be one now..and in the future.

13. He does not love you. He just wants to play with you. When will you understand?

14. I can’t bear this pain. Somebody can help me by killing me to relieve this pain of losing her.

15. No one is perfect. So as I. I’m sorry dear for whatever happened.

16. There are eight wonders in the world. But nobody told me that you are one those eight.

17. Life is hell, if I never met such a wonderful person like you. I love you.

18. You have earned my trust and won my respect slowly. Later you have won me. You are my life now.

19. I’m blessed now. There is no need to tell the reason. Of course, it’s you.

20. Having you is the best gift the whole world could ever offer me. I wouldn’t want any other present, not even my life.

21. I want to be the main reason the smile on your face because I don’t want a frown on your face. I love you.

22. The world feels much better when you are with me. I love you.

23. You will always be my number one. You will always be my best fantasy. I love you.

24. If I talk, you will not listen. If I’m silent, you will misunderstand… Oh god, what can I do?

25. Two girls loved me. One for money and other for the profession. Enough…!

26. You are the one all my life want to care. You are the one all I want to love until the end of my days. You deserve even more than this! I love you.

27. I will love you until no breath left in me. You will be mine until the world ceases to be no more. Morning, night and noon, I will be your best. I love you.

28. No matter how good my life has ever been, it is better and best being with you. I want to be this way forever and always. I love you.

29. You have brought the best moments of joy into my life. My past hurts me but I you brought me out of it. It was possible because I have you in my life. I love you dear.

30. I never wanted to you to be out of my sight for a second. Because without you, my life will be null and void.


Sweet valentines day quotes for her

1. Your love escalates my world of fantasy. It builds up so much strength within me like I want to take the whole world on my hand. Your love is magical at its best. Good night sweet.

2. Think about it in a million ways, and there wouldn’t be a perfect description of how much I love my days being spent with you. I love you. Good night my life.

3. I want to be addicted to you. I want to have all the reasons in the world to love you and not have any to leave you. I just wish you a sweet sleep tonight. Love you.

4. My smiles, my laughter, my joy and my happiness are all the expressions of your love for me. I love you. Good night.

5. I cease to fall in love with you the moment I know I live inside of you. Good morning my life rhythm.

6. Your thoughts in me are so hard to replace. Sometimes it’s hard to keep my mind off you for a second. You are my addiction. Good night.

7. Every night without you is just like a second to me… Because a moment with you is like the eternity. Good night my dearest.

8. I wouldn’t fail to say thank you for being there today. You made my day. Good night my happiness.

9. If I described how my day went in a word, I would say, Gorgeous. Thanks for being there once more. Good night.

10. It is the hardest part of my day, knowing I will have to close my eyes away from the only beauty in the world. Good night.

11. It might be just a few words, but it means a whole lot to me. Good night my love.

12. The day has ended again. It was so amazing to have you in it. Good evening my dear.

13. I feel terrible realizing how far away from you I am. I just wish this won’t be forever. I miss you.

14. The more I hear your voice, the more I want to set my eyes on you. A million calls wouldn’t make me miss you less.

15. If you have ever felt thirsty that you wish you could drink your sweat, then you would know how I long to see you. I am missing you.

16. I’m seeing myself as I cut in two. Missing you is making me lose my head. I miss you, dear.

17. My morning, night and noon are incomplete without your sight. I am missing you my love. You won’t understand how much I am missing you. True love is scarce, but I thank God I find such as you. You always make my day great. Goodnight my joy.

18. How I wish I have control over my heart. The way it feels whenever I miss you could result in heart attack. Sad, it’s happening again. I miss you.

19. It’s happening again. I am missing you again. Wanting to see you again and again. I miss you, and it’s like an endless pain.

20. Break it, silence it, bounce it. Do all you can to my heart, and it will never stop to miss you.

21. You can tell me all the reasons why I shouldn’t miss you, and I would say just one reason why I would: you are the source of my daily joy. I miss you like poorly. If you are looking for how to spend Valentines Day, you can find the Top 25 Valentines Day Ideas for Her. I hope you liked our best-curated list of valentines day quotes. If you have any other Valentines Day quotes for her, please comment below.


Cute valentines day quotes for her

1. I am on the top of the world; this is the best feeling I can get. Let us continue this.

2. I keep on praying and wishing you stay in my heart forever: because I don’t want to miss your sight for a second. I hope this come true. I love you.

3. I wish I could go far away with you. I wish I could be alone with you through all my days. I love you.

4. Your love is the greatest of all in this world. You are in my heart, and nothing can change this.

5. As far as my heart beats, you are the only reason for it and nothing else!

6. My heart beat will increase whenever I think of you a second. But I can not stay a second without thinking of you.

7. Love is beautiful and magical.

8. I learned this when I met you. I understood that it is the best thing happened to my life.

9. I can not be the reasonable person because I’m in love with you. I’m ecstatic. But how can I explain the whole world that I’m in love now?

10. One thing is permanent. Your love, our relationship. Nothing is permanent in this world except this.

11. You are the joy I been waiting in my life. Letting you go is never going to be a choice. I love you.

12. Irrespective of the outer situations, you deserve to be my baby. I love you.

13. The only way I can ever live without you is when I die. As long as I breathe, I can’t live without you.

14. Your love is a god’s gift to me. It’s going to be only you and me forever. Good morning and have a great day ahead.

15. My life is beautiful because I am living with my soulmate.

16. We are inseparable. We are forever one. Our hearts are knitted together with the thread of love! Love you my darling.

17. I love you for bearing me. None else deserve my heart but you because you bring out the best in me.

18. My life started the day I was born, but my love started when I found you. I love my life with you. In all I do, I see you. I can’t keep you in my mind even in my sleep.

19. You make my world go round. You set my heart alright. You are the reason I am this joyful. I love you.

20. There is no great achievement than to have you as my love. My life fulfilled.

21. If I would describe you in one word, I would forever be in search of such word. I wish you know how much you mean to me.

22. My world can be great and beautiful. It can be lovely and excellent. But it will never be complete without you.I will love you like no other. I will love now, forever and always. You are my choices of all.

23. The more thoughts of you I have, the more I want to love you. I can’t keep you in my mind.

24. If I count it in thousands and even millions, there will sill be countless reasons to love you. Good night and sweet dreams my love.If I would only want to say a bit of your love for me, I would say it’s the most impressive and beautiful thing that ever happened to my life. Your love rocks! Good night darling.If it’s crazy being in love, I am ever going to be a lunatic for you. I love you, Good morning.I wish I could have enough words to explain what waking up with your thought means to me. You are such a darling! Morning sweetheart.

25. I love you not just in words, but with everything in me. I love you so much from the depth of my heart. Morning, and have a nice a day ahead.

26. You are not just my prime ecstasy; you are my world, my desire and my dream come true. I love you. Good morning.

27. A good example of how people get the heart attack is when my day ends without you… Thank God it never happened. Good night sweetie.

28. I am so happy that I wish I could jump up and touch the sky, courtesy of your love in me. Good night dearie.

29. There is a word I never found in my love dictionary. The word is HEARTBREAK. I don’t want ever to have anything to do with it. I love you.

30. Millions of years would not be enough to love you back. You have given me more than sufficient, and my heart rejoices for it. Thanks. Good night.


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